Another tragic sister story

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived two sisters,
Liberty and Justice.
Liberty was for all and everything was good, she stood for everyone and Justice was blind and served us well. They lived in a land called America, but as with most stories things went terribly wrong.
Liberty was raped by the ones chosen to help her and her values torn apart by the twisted minds of the powerful, and she would no longer hear the cries of the innocent nor be allowed to make decisions over the land she was chosen to serve. Thus was introduced Politics, and to this day ruins every aspect of the Land  she was chosen to stand for, and now resides only in the memories of the few.
Justice was also lead astray by the ones with money and became a whore and sold out to only the ones with the money to pay for her services. No longer blind she set out to ruin our peaceful land and justice was only to serve the rich and to imprison the needy. Now the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave was turned into the Land of the Narrow-minded and the Home of the Greedy.
The Politicians now had total control over this once great nation under God and indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all. Money became the source of power and no longer would Liberty or Justice be allowed to help in times of need. Only the powerful narrow minded could speak and somehow they stole our great country with lies and deception.
Some say the great land of the Free still exists, some say itís gone forever, and still some can only wish for itís return.
I can only speak for myself, but my dream is to somehow liberate Liberty, and rehabilitate Justice and return our nation back to the people. Only a dream I know, but still arenít most stories suppose to end happily? Canít we as a nation put aside our two faced ways of doing things and throw out the bad politicians and ban the powerful from ruling the poor? I have my doubts but the rich canít control my dreams, Yet! Please listen to the cries and help retrieve our home land before it is too late. Liberty is dead and Justice has been on life support for too long.
The End is in your hands, I beg you to listen and help me, for I love this land. A land which set out to be the greatest and has wound up being the most embarrassed, by saying one thing and doing another, by using diversions to trick us into compliance. Rise up and take back our nation, before itís too late. It doesnít have to end, but it has to change back to the once well oiled machine it was created to be. Everyone has a life to live and a voice that deserves to be heard, although torn and tattered we can rise up and end this destructive destiny, but only if we join forces now. Together we can stand once again, but divided we lay fallen by the ways of our own misconceptions that we are free.

Hopefully not an end but a new beginning.