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The Drug War is not an effort to end drug use, it is an underhanded attempt by our corrupt government to only create crime where there should be none. Holland is one of the best examples of what legal marijuana can do to help ease the crime created by unjust laws. I am in support of Freedom of Choice and believe that everyone has the right to do as they please in the privacy of their homes as long as no harm is caused to others. There is not 1 single case of a marijuana overdose, yet every year thousands die from alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and even aspirin. The only reason marijuana is not legal is because of large pharmaceutical, petroleum and timber companies and the corrupt senators and representatives we now have in Washington that are being paid to keep it illegal, It is time to unite and register to vote and bring back our constitutional rights we have been robbed of by these power hungry leaders. Start refusing to take the unconstitutional piss tests they have forced upon us all. Come out of hiding and speak up, we still have the freedom of speech, but not for long unless we use it and use it NOW. Marijuana is a proven healing herb and would also be the best recreational choice over the demon drug alcohol. Hemp it’s cousin is a great replacement for many things we now use because of being forced to by the stupid laws that were passed back in the 1930’s. I suggest reading the book by Jack Herer to understand the real truth about cannabis called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Also all the links on my links page contain the truth about marijuana and should be read to help end the lies of our insipid, hard headed, deceitful, delinquent government officials.

Marijuana should be legal!

If you smoke marijuana and are not fighting to free the weed...you really need to wake up and do something!!! Sitting around waiting for someone else to do it for you isn’t working! If we unite this fight can be over soon. Write your congressmen and representatives in support of legal medical marijuana as well as the decriminalization for recreational use, it's time we all came out of the closet we've been hiding in for so long! By all means please register to vote, and let your voice be heard!

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What do you consider the most harmful to society?

Corrupt Government Officials
Allowing the sick and dying to suffer needlessly
Putting honest otherwise law abiding citizens in jail for smoking a harmless plant
The lies the government still continues to tell our youth
The price all citizens pay for the needless drug war
All of the above

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